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Advanced Tube Bending Training

advanced tube bending training

Advanced Tube Bending Training

Tube bending is not the type of skill that you are able to acquire through university or even a technical school. It is definitely a useful ability to have when working in the industries that specifically use Swagelok products. Advanced Tube Bending is a two-day course that provides instruction on the both the proper use of tube bending equipment and multiple methods to bend tube. This class is designed to increase safety and decrease cost.


If you are a maintenance system professional, this course will ensure that you learn how to properly and safely bend tubing in even the most complex or challenging environments to get optimum value from your Swagelok products.

Here's what you will learn in two days:
  1. The measure-bend method of tube bending
  2. The Swagelok method of tube bending
  3. How to make both simple and custom offset bends
  4. Understanding constraints of tube bending, such as minimum distances between bends
  5. Making segmented bends and rolling offsets
  6. Use of a variety of hand tube bender sizes, from quarter inch to a half inch in diameter

Each attendee will be awarded a Certificate of Completion and leave with the knowledge to be able to perform correct tube bending practices and techniques.

Fee covers lunch and all equipment and training materials.

To receive information on this class or the current schedule, please call (800) 252-7087 or email

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