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T Series PTFE Hose Design Transition to a Crimped Design

t series swaged
t series crimped

Notification of Change

Swagelok’s Hose Service Group (HSG) is excited to announce that the T Series PTFE hose will be transitioning from a swaged to a crimped design for assembly of end connections starting December 1, 2019. We are advising you now so you can communicate with your customers that require an advance notification of change.

While this change will allow us to increase manufacturing efficiency, we are also currently evaluating the following possible advantages:

  • Improved product performance allowing for increased pressure ratings at elevated temperatures that will be updated along with the product dimensions as needed in the Hose and Flexible Tubing catalog, MS-01-180
  • Inclusion into our distributor crimp cell capabilities for local assembly

The current swaged design will continue to be the only version supplied until December 1, 2019. Following that date, crimped ends will be supplied as end connection inventory of swaged assemblies are depleted. You may see both designs in orders containing multiple end connection types until the transition is complete.

For any questions regarding this update, please contact:

Doug Nordstrom – Product Manager, Hose
Telephone:  (440) 649-5616 


Additional questions can be directed to your Swagelok Los Angeles account manager at (800) 252-7087 or feel free to send us an email and we'll be happy to get you in touch.