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Swagelok Los Angeles

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Field Engineering Services

swagelok field engineer

Engineered to Perform Under Pressure

As your local distributor of high quality fluid system components and assemblies, Swagelok Los Angeles is here to supply superior products and services backed by our unique limited lifetime warranty. As your fluid solutions provider, Swagelok field engineers can share their expertise to help you develop solutions for complex problems.

Are you:swagelok

  1. Dealing with persistent fluid system problems?
  2. Seeking advice on selecting the right products or services for a particular application?
  3. Facing an increasing workload with limited internal resources?
  4. Looking for guidance or training on installation or service of fluid system components or system troubleshooting?

Our field engineers know your systems and are ready to help. They are thoroughly familiar with fluid system applications in the most demanding commercial industries — including oil and gas, aerospace, chemical processing and power.

Pressure Brings Out the Best in Us

Technical knowledge is an essential element of your success, and sometimes you don't know what you need — until you need it. Swagelok field engineers have the ability to help you strengthen your processes and position you for success. We'll take a look at your systems and provide you with knowledge and advice to get you where you need to be.

How Can We Help?

Swagelok field engineers use their application expertise and match it with a broad knowledge of Swagelok products and solutions that will help your facilities operate at peak performance. They can also help with installation, safety training, life-cycle cost analysis and suggest system improvements.

Hose Advisory Serviceshose advisory services

Meet the experts who perform onsite inspections to help customers improve hose life and performance. After determining your goals and inspecting key areas at your location, our certified hose experts offer solutions for your specific application to keep your system running, minimizing downtime, safeguarding your employees, and helping you comply with environmental regulations. This includes hose selection, installation, inspection and maintenance procedures.

Energy Emission Survey

Every leak costs your company money as well as fluid. If you suspect your fluid system is showing signs of leakage, then it's time for a checkup. To put it in perspective, a few small leaks in a facility using compressed air at 100 psig with electricity consumption cost of 12 cents per kilowatt-hour can ultimately add up to more than $44,000 per year in unnecessary energy and utility costs! In addition to detecting leaks, our experts can offer ways to increase reliability, reduce energy consumption and reduce emissions.

If your company is already trying to do more with less, then it makes sense to have an outside expert with the proper tools and expertise help you search out those leaks and tag them so you can fix them before any further damage.

Analytical System Evaluation and Advisory Servicegrab sample panel

Improve your sampling system reliability with our in-depth analysis of your sampling systems from process tap to analyzer. We'll help you obtain more representative samples safely, reduce time delay and improve compatibility with your analyzer. You'll see an increase in productivity, reduce operating expenses and maintenance costs, and have unseen opportunities identified for overall system improvement. With our new standard and customized grab sample panels, we can be sure to find or design a system that is suitable for your application.

Lunch & Learnlunch and learn

Have a bunch of technical questions and just looking for some answers or advice from a Swagelok expert? Want to bounce off some ideas to get an outside perspective? Call us at (800) 252-7087 and schedule a Lunch & Learn. We’d be happy to spend a couple hours in the afternoon with you. Our treat!

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