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Swagelok Los Angeles

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Evaluation and Advisory Services

swagelok field engineer

Evaluation and Advisory Services

Swagelok Los Angeles' Evaluation and Advisory Services program is designed to relieve any pressures you may be facing with regard to your plant operations. Our Field Engineer and his expert staff will perform onsite evaluations of your fluid systems that will improve performance, reduce any notable inefficiencies, and ensure maintenance practices and procedures are cost effective. Your detailed report after the evaluation includes recommendations tailored to your specific challenges and concerns.

Watch this quick five-minute video and see how Swagelok can help.

grab sample panel

Analytical System Evaluation and Advisory Service

Improve your sampling system reliability with our in-depth analysis of your grab sample systems from process tap to analyzer. We'll help you obtain more representative samples safely, reduce time delay and improve compatibility with your analyzer. You'll see an increase in productivity, reduce operating expenses and maintenance costs, and have unseen opportunities identified for overall system improvement. With our new standard and customized grab sample panels, we can be sure to find or design a system that is suitable for your application.

compressed gas leak detection service

Compressed Gas Leak Detection Services

Solve your chronic gas leaks once and for all. We pinpoint existing leaks and provide a root-cause analysis so you understand the cause and gravity of your leaks. We work with you to create a roadmap so you can prioritize improvements. We calculate ROI to prove your case, gain approval, and implement the changes necessary to become a best-in-class facility.

Energy Emission Survey

Every leak costs your company money as well as fluid. If you suspect your fluid system is showing signs of leakage, then it's time for a checkup. To put it in perspective, a few small leaks in a facility using compressed air at 100 psig with electricity consumption cost of 12 cents per kilowatt-hour can ultimately add up to more than $44,000 per year in unnecessary energy and utility costs! In addition to detecting leaks, our experts can offer ways to increase reliability, reduce energy consumption and reduce emissions.

sample system evaluation services

Sample System Evaluation Services

Improve your sampling system reliability with our expert, in-depth analysis on your sampling systems, from process tap to grab sample station. A representative sample ensures your sample system is working safely and efficiently, decreasing the risk of costly downtime and maintenance. Swagelok Los Angeles' team can help identify any issues that might affect sample quality and offer opportunities for enhancing system performance.

Hose Advisory Services

Meet our trained inspectors who can improve hose life and performance. After determining your goals and inspecting key areas at your location, our certified hose experts offer solutions for your specific application to keep your system running, minimizing downtime, safeguarding your employees, and helping you comply with environmental regulations. This includes hose selection, installation, inspection and maintenance procedures.

If your company is already trying to do more with less, then it makes sense to have an outside expert with the proper tools and expertise help you search out those leaks and tag them so you can fix them before any further damage.

For More Information

Swagelok understands that your time is valuable. However, optimum care and maintenance of your fluid systems ensures or prevents costly and unnecessary downtime. Let our qualified team help evaluate your plant operations with Swagelok Evaluation and Advisory Services. Call (800) 252-7087 for more information or to schedule an appointment. You're also welcome to email us below.