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Swagelok Los Angeles

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Building a Plant Training Program

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Statistics show that up to 50 percent of skilled workers could retire within the next 10 years. That's a lot of shoes to fill. With less experienced workers poised to take their place, is your training program ready to get these replacement workers up to speed - as quickly as you need to? 

Build an Effective Training Program

plant training program

With over 70 years of experience, Swagelok is staffed to help you build up your team's expertise. It's just one more way we're engineered to perform under pressure. Last year alone, Swagelok helped train approximately 40,000 individuals on everything from fluid system basics to advanced subjects like sampling systems. A powerful training program is key to keeping the skills of your experienced staff up-to-date and giving new workers the tools they need to succeed. Learn how with our FREE resource, "Three Steps to Building an Effective Plant Training Program."


Want to learn more? Here are additional resources to help you grow your team's expertise.

tony waters corrosion prevention training

Top Revelations from 50 Years of Sampling System Training

With over 50 years of practical experience with industrial process analyzers, author of "Industrial Sampling Systems", Tony Waters share some very interesting feedback from some sampling system trainees.

Improve System Integrity through Corrosion Prevention Training

Did you know corrosion can often be controlled? Does your team know how to spot corrosion or design how to minimize the chance of corrosion? These corrosion basics can help.

Let Swagelok Los Angeles help

swagelok field engineer

Field Engineering Services

Swagelok field engineers have the ultimate advantage of a broad knowledge of Swagelok products and solutions to help troubleshoot fluid system issues with any application. You won't find this unique expertise with any other supplier. They can also resolve assembly or installation problems, perform life-cycle cost analysis, and recommend system improvements.

Swagelok Training

Training from Swagelok

Swagelok Los Angeles offers a variety of hands-on courses to help your team learn how to design, build, and maintain safe and dependable fluid systems. From tube fitting safety,  installation and bending to orbital welding training to sample system troubleshooting and maintenance, Swagelok training has the capability to ensure your employees stay up-to-date with the latest in industry trends. Our certified trainers have classes conveniently located in the greater Los Angeles area or can come onsite to customer locations for a private session with a miminum of attendees.