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TAP Your Steam System Training

valve selection training

TAP Steam System Training

What is TAP? There are Ten Action Points (TAP) in a steam system, and these items are fundamental operating principles that can help improve steam system design and operation. TAP Your Steam System Training addresses the most common conditions that impact the performance and efficiency of your steam system. The class is structured so attendees work as team members responsible for accomplishing different tasks related to improving steam system performance. 


This training course is designed for facility plant managers, plant engineers, plant supervisors and individual seeking more knowledge about steam plants and ways to save money, reduce energy costs, and increase steam system reliability without capital expenditures. TAP Your Steam System Training is taught by industry recognized experts who will help increase your knowledge of steam systems in a comprehensive, one-day training course.

TAP Program
  1. Fundamentals of Steam
  2. Understanding Steam Tables and How to Calculate BTU Usage
  3. How to Calculate (Loaded vs Unloaded) Steam Costs
  4. What Causes Flash Steam?
  5. How to Recovery from Flash Steam
  6. Types of Valves and the Selection Process for Using Them in Steam Systems
  7. Best Practices in Valve Installation for Steam Systems
  8. What Are Steam Traps?
  9. Methods and Procedures for Steam Trap Testing
  10. Water Hammer Causes and Solutions

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