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Swagelok Los Angeles

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The Industries We Serve

A full range of products and services to help
provide high quality solutions for your needs.

Swagelok Industries

Alternate Fuels

Alternate Fuels

Do you create CNG-powered heavy or light duty vehicles? Or build alternative fuel filling stations? Few can help you like Swagelok Company.

Chemical and Petrochemical

Chemical and Refining

How can you continue to accomplish more with less at your chemical facility? Many instrumentation and control professionals find success and value in Swagelok Company’s process instrumentation and analytical instrumentation abilities.

essential oil extraction

Essential Oil Extraction

The purest product can only be achieved using reliable components manufactured to withstand the high temperature and pressure requirements utilized in the extraction process. Swagelok components can safely and dependably be used in processes as complex and demanding as supercritical CO2 extraction.

pharmaceutical or biopharmaceutical industry

Life Sciences

Quality and cleanliness are areas that cannot be compromised in the life sciences. Fluid systems cannot leak and must have a total sanitary and sterile environment. Swagelok products meet these requirements and more.


Oil and Gas

Are you drilling for or producing oil and gas? Are you refining oil or liquifying gas? Swagelok Company has many ways to assist.



The power industry is a 24/7 market that doesn't ever stop operating and requires high quality, reliable products to keep all systems go, safely and effectively. Swagelok offers products and services to keep your systems and staff up and running — from training to assembly support.

semiconductor industry


It takes a lot to meet the rigorous demands and quality control requirements of the semiconductor market. Swagelok understands the importance of high-purity materials, high-purity manufacturing processes, and the industry's cleaning specifications.